Terms and Conditions

1. Booking Charges.

When making a booking and initial deposit of 20% will be required unless where reasons or exceptions occur.

     i) Exceptions Occur where events are charity led under a value of £100

     ii) Reasons are left to the discretion of Paul Harrow Photography.

Booking charges are NON-REFUNDABLE however exceptions can occur to the discretion of Paul Harrow Photography see REFUNDS section.


2. Quality.

Here at Paul Harrow Photography we aim to give clients the best quality images as possible and where needed extra adjustments can be made where there is cause. However extra cost can occur if it is for aesthetic reasons.

   i) Quality can be effected by situations out of our control such as Weather, Lighting, Use of Flash. 

   ii} Quality can also be effected by 3rd parties such as photobombing, lasers and compliance with people in the images.


3. Payments.

Payments can be made either by cash or by bank transfer.

   i) Payment by bank transfer is free however if there is a deadline for payment notification must be made regarding bacs3 transfers or delays in payment being received otherwise there may be extra charges incurred.

  ii) Payments by cash can be made on the day depending upon the arrangements agreed between Paul Harrow Photography and the client. Cash payments will receive a written receipt of balance paid to and from and the nature of the event.

Payments can be paid monthly leading up to the event but balance must be cleared 2 weeks prior to the event.

  i) If where reasons are acceptable, payments can be agreed upon on a different time scale depending on circumstances which must be brought up to PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY and a plan put in place

  ii) If payment is not made on the as agreed the booking can be withdrawn kept at the discretion of PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY.

  iii) Late payments do come with a charge per week for each payment that is late. The charge is £30 per week overdue however there are exceptional circumstances that can occur so if there are circumstances surrounding a late payment then contact PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY. The decision on late payment is left to PAUL HARROW and if refused will be pursued by the civil courts as advised by the financial conduct regulations with costs being added onto the balance. 


4. Late Payments

Late payments can come with a charge where there is no reason or notice.

​​​​​​​  i) The weekly charge is £30 per invoice and is at the sole discretion of PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY.

  ii) Invoices that are followed up incur extra charges such  a) £20 per invoice sent.

                                                                                           b) £20 per letter of notice

                                                                                           c) Court costs for further action.

Late payments can be waived but is at the sole discretion of PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY. However where there are reasonable circumstances this right to waive can be used by PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY. 

Where late payments occur and payment isn't made the issue will be taken before the small claims court and legal action will be sought. Once legal action is taken costs will be added to the total bill. This can cause long term financial issues for the future and this route would rather be avoided however where needed to it will be enforced.


5. The Event / Job.

On the day all efforts will be made to complete the clients requirements as planned however where external factors come into effect there may be occasions where their will be discrepancies. 

Where jobs are weather dependant this depends on the day and cannot be foreseen however a suitable alternative option will be provided as will another booking date.

Where Jobs rely on extra equipment this depends on time of notice given and or the availability of the equipment for that date. If the equipment cannot be found for that date then another date will be rebooked.

There is no limit on the number of images to be taken and given to clients and there will be no extra charge for the digital transfer of the files.

All efforts will be made to be punctual and present as agreed however where there are major delays and incidents on the road then there is reasonable cause for a delayed start however time will be made up at the end of event / job.


6. Editing, Time frames and delivery.  ​​​

At Paul Harrow Photography we aim to provide you with the digital images between 7-14 days however when there is a high volume of work this can be extended to 28 days without the requirement to provide notice. However if there is a delay of more than 28 days notice must be given in the form of an email or letter with a full explanation.

For major occasions such as a wedding there is a lot of time spent editing using software to improve the images for clients and to make amends. Changes made to images are made with the best intentions however the edits made and their representations are done so at the discretion of PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY. Any negative feeling created by the edits are unintentional and no offence is intended, therefore not liable for any counterclaim. 

Edits can be requested however due to the time consuming nature it is there may be extra charges for additional edits unless previously agreed.

Delivery of items and images may take up to 7 days to deliver physically depending on the volume of work and the locations. However, digital copies once completed are expected to be with clients within 5 working days via email, website drop box or other.


7. Backups and Storage.

All images are backed up for a guaranteed minimum of 12 months. Further copies can be sought by clients and depending upon their choice of receiving them there is several options and a charge. The charge can be waived at the discretion of PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY.

    i) For images delivered again by email £10 - £40 depending on the number of images.

    ii) For images on a memory stick it is £25 - £60 depending on the number of images, location and urgency.

    iii) For Images on an External Hard Drive it is £100 - £120 depending on the number of images, size of the hard drive and location.


8. Copyright.

All images captured by and for PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY are the sole possession of PAUL HARROW. PAUL HARROW PHOTOGRAPHY retains the rights to keep and use images for display on the WEBSITE, FLICKR, PRINTS and other similar mediums where legally allowed.

Copyright may be shared with permissions given for clients to post and share images and get prints. 

Every month a check is done through software to find where my images are and who has downloaded them.

I will seek compensation and damages from anyone illegally caught using my work.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is copyright theft allowed. ​​​​​​​