Till Death Do Us Part

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Till Death Do Us Part


On Saturday 15th July I had the privilege of photographing a wedding. For the purpose of this blog the family shall remain nameless. And will only be referred to as the Bride and Groom. 


I was asked several months ago to photograph a wedding for a couple who have been together for 23 years. The relationship had its ups and downs as all relationships do. However The bride developed cancer and was told the sad news that it was terminal. 

So in preparing for this wedding I had the urgency upon completion to get the images completely finished in record time. This also placed more pressure

due to these photo's becoming the lasting memories. These would be the photos of the happiest day in this families life. Being told you have cancer is never good. And being told it was terminal meant you wanted to see the happy memories from the wedding day before the countdown begins.

My eyes were well and truly opened at this wedding as to how special marriage is and how important it is to do a good job and what these memories mean to people.

In the week leading up to the wedding however there was some amazing news given. The Bride had been given the all clear. Which opened up the options for this lovely family. And the relief that the Bride and Groom had years ahead of them rather than weeks was clear to see.

In my own mind it takes someone special with a lot of courage to Marry their partner on both sides with terminal cancer and without. Some people are of the opinion that the person with cancer shouldn't marry and make a widow out of the person they love and should be considerate. Some people are of the opinion that to carry on with the wedding the person not with cancer is extra special and has the courage to face the tough times that are ahead. But their focus is to make the person with cancer happy. 

My own personal opinion after seeing this couple. Was that love overcomes everything. And that the vows "In Sickness and in Health, In Living and Dying, Till Death do us part" have special meaning more than just that of marriage is for life. It means that no matter what is ahead of a couple they pledge to stand by their side no matter what is thrown at them. 

When it came to saying the vows the Groom got very emotional. Not only was he marrying the woman of his dreams. He has her for longer to care for and to love day in day out. And the emotions flowing from him with the tears and the smiles showed. 

It was an eye opener because so far in my experience it is usually the Brides that get emotional. However, this Groom let his emotions show freely. And the vows had a stronger, deeper meaning.

When couples are going to meetings with the various faiths to understand what marriage means. And to understand the vows and commitments that it entails. People can only assume, guess or imagine what they mean in those scenarios. Yet in front of me there was a couple who were faced with these difficulties before they were even married. They understood the vows and pledges to each other in full and still made that ultimate decision to join together. And it was lovely to see.


As a photographer, The job of capturing these scenario's can be emotional. And seeing each situation in our own lights will contrast vastly what each individual sees. But as a photographer to capture these events and capture them well is of the utmost importance. To capture each smile, Every tear, Every laugh and dance. But the hardest thing to capture is the love and raw emotion in the images. Emotion has no set colour. Has no physical form. It has to be captured in the smiles, laughs and tears. In ways that a lot of people will have to stare long and hard at the photos to see and understand the depths being portrayed. 


However to the Bride and Groom.

Thank you for choosing me to be the one to cover your special day. 

You truly are an amazing couple. And I wish you the best of luck and happiness for the future.

And keep the smiles and happy memories building up over the years,


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