James Bond Night for JPC by Sunflower cognitive therapy.

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On Saturday 7th jULY 2017 Catherine Burrell *  who runs Sunflower Cognitive Therapy held a James Bond Charity night.
I had the pleasure of photographing it to capture the memories from this happy occasion. 

The evening was fancy dress so we had people coming dressed as James Bond, The Bond Girls, Dr No, Jaws and Dolly. The costumes were amazing as you will see from several of the images below.
Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity

The Night Started off in the entrance of Wynyard Hall Hotel where champaigne was served as people entered and the amazing Simon Carter singing and serenading the groups as
they arrived. Whilst this was going on I was photographng everyone who had arrived. There was a strong buzz of excitement as everyone was sat admiring each others costumes catching up with each other.

7:45PM The call was given for everyone to make their way into the main hall. My objective was to photograph everyone enterring the hall holding a giant sunflower which is
the symbol of Sunflower Cognitive therapy. ( It also made sure no one could sneak past without getting thier photo taken ;) and the mad rush to the bar hehe :P )

Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity
My girlfriend and I took a different approach to most. We assumed most people would come dressed as the Good guys such as Bond and the goodlooking girls and was right.
So we decided to turn up dressed up as the villains Jaws and Dolly from Moonraker. Image below is of myself and the amazing Kelly who came and supported myself and the charity :)

Photos taken for JCP Charity

Whilst photographing everyone entering the hall I gave them a giant sunflower as stated because it relates to Catherines business but is symbolic to the charity itself.
A sunflower needs Water, Food, Sunlight and room to grow as well as strength and nurturing to support its growth. The JPC charity needs its support, food and water. 
The event put on by Catherine gives the support to help raise the awareness which represents the sunlight and the financial money which represents the water.

For those that are not aware the JPC Community Farm is a special charity. The full name of the charity is the James Paul Connaughton Community Farm. The idea was formed 6
years ago when James's Parents Julie and Paul had a thought long term for the future. James suffers from and extreme case of Pserable Palsey with speech and movement impairments. 
James has to travel to school everyday up in Newcastle to get his needs met. But Julie raised the question of what happens when he passes out of education due to age. 
Who will take care of James when Paul and Julie are no longer capable to. Upon further reflection they researched places and options open to James when hes older.
And what they found wasn't the ideal scenario and gave them nightmares. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and create their own respite center. 
Somewhere that will provide James with a home, Comfort, Safety as well as adventure, education and happiness. So they set about raising awareness to their idea and involved
friends and family, businesses and the public. With that goal in mind, Paul and Julie put there house up for sale on the market to kick start a budget to put their plans in place. 
Their goal was to buy a farm on the outskirts of stokesley to design and build their own respite center providing permanent and temporary respite with activities such as Horse
Riding, Cycling animals, Football and many more inhouse activities. But the dream has a bigger ambition in that it wants to offer respite and accommodation
for the Parents including counselling. This support is open to everyone that meets the Criteria and all the money comes from sponsorship and big events.

Which brings me back to the original point that Catherine put on this event to raise money for this worthy cause. 
Catherine below
Photos taken for JCP Charity

When we all sat down Catherine said her welcome speech explaining about the JPC and her own business too. However a bit earlier than planned Catherine added her own
talent to the event by singing one of the James Bond Songs and she sang it well. It was a suprise to all the the guests. And everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Following this came the first course which was Leek Soup (or butternut squash) which was lovely and prepared really well. 

Once the first course was completed came a few more speeches and discussions including a presentation to Paul and Julie which was a Plaque with the JPC logo on. And this has been pledged to be the first sign within the building that people see. Julie and Paul were over the moon. 
Photos taken for JCP Charity
After this batch of speeches came the main course which was a fancy chicken dinner that tasted lovely and extremely well presented. Everybody enjoyed the main course.

Inbetween the main course and desert came the sales of raffle tickets for the lovely prizes which made a lot of money for the cause. The prizes were different alcohols, Different make up kits and body sprays along with vouchers donated kindly by local businesses for hair and makeup. beauty and spa days.

Photos taken for JCP Charity

The Night progressed onto desert which was really really nice. 

Once the desert was finished on came the band which was the Bobby Frances Experience. They are a local rock style band that do covers from famous artists such as Busted, Oasis, Guns 'n' Roses, Stevie Wonder, The killers, Elvis and more and were a good hit getting people up on the dance floor partying through the night. 
Photos taken for JCP Charity
We had a special guest to the event called Aimee who is shortly turning 21 this coming saturday.And for her birthday she was given a birthday cake with everyone in the 
room singing happy birthday. Aimee was having so much fun and felt emotional with everyone for the warm birthday messages.
Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity Photos taken for JCP Charity
The night was a success in every department. Everyone had a good time, everyone enjoyed their food and and for now a large unknown number of money was raised which will be clarified later *

Everyone had funand there was good news towards the end of the night. Julie and Paul announced that they have met with some high level investers that have a lot of money to invest in the area 
And they are willing to meet and discuss investments monday. And that there is a high chance of success they will get the funding they want and more.
I will update the blog when we get total they are presented with. 

As the night came to a close every one got up to dance to the last few songs played by the band. Everybody left in high spirits and happy with the outcome :)



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