Annabel Pattinson Concert at the Newcastle 02 Arena

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All I can say is WOW!!

On Friday 2nd June I was asked by Gossip Magazine to cover a concert at the 02 Arena in Newcastle for an up and coming singer called Annabel Pattinson.

I must admit, at first I was expecting something like factor but I am so glad I was wrong. I did a quick bit of research mainly youtube and was impressed with Annabel's own song that has just been released called Psychobitch. For those that know me I do a lot of music but nothing in terms of singing or modern day bands. I play with wind bands and brass bands but I can still appreciate and recognise talent. And Annabel has a lot of it. 

Turned up at the Arena with a few trips round the same one way system in Newcastle ( I hate city driving haha ). Upon entering the Venue, my friend and I went into the changing rooms for an interview. And I was really surprised at how friendly, welcoming and lovely Annabel is. Photo's below of Joanna with Annabel and then of myself with Annabel.







Upon interviewing Annabel my respect for her grew immensely. 

Annabel has just signed a major deal for her songs but has been putting off jumping to the first person wanting her due to wanting to keep her rights to her songs as she should. They are her words, memories and feelings that gave her the voice to Sing. But finally Annabel has formally signed with her song and that night was a celebratory concert to show this.

When Interviewing Annabel I was curious as to who was her inspiration when she was younger and could see similarities between Annabel's work and Avril Lavigne. And it was a starting point. 

From my own personal understanding Annabel started using her voice and talents doing cover songs in public, on youtube and on stage to get her profile noticed then started singing the songs she has written over the years.

Annabel sang at the concert with a backing band who were great but also sings acoustically which lets her voice shine through more.

I asked Annabel where she see's herself and hopes to be 10 years from now and the answer was great. :) "I hope to see myself successful and living in L.A. with albums and songs under her belt with people liking her work".  To summarise the further conversation relating to this Annabel wants to still be approachable, friendly and a people person and not let the fame go to her head.

I cannot emphasise enough how down to earth and welcoming Annabel is. As strangers we received such a warm welcome.

Whilst the interview was going ahead the support acts started. There were 3. Unfortunately the interview took place at the same time as the first act which was a local Rapper. I heard from other people that he was good but didn't hear him myself.

The second supporting act was a young lady called Amy Ridley who is similar to Annabel in that she is an acoustic artist and singer. 

Amy had a brilliant voice and was a great Guitarist without drowning the crowd out with the volume of the guitar. Her songs were well chosen and her voice was soft with a great vocal range. Amy was also happy in supporting Annabel and felt proud to be approached directly by Annabel to be her supporting act. Amy has a lot of talent and could also go equally as far and was a pleasure to speak to. Whilst Amy was singing I was observant in that the emotions to the words were clearly visible in her eyes and and in her facial expression but more so in her voice. My favourite song Amy sang was I miss you.

The photo below is of Amy and Annabel together.

 Amy currently only has a Facebook page but hopefully in future that will increase.

The Link to Amy's page is

There are some video's being uploaded from this concert also shortly.

After Amy came Craig who once again is another Acoustic artist. Craig when speaking with him before hand seems to be lacking in his self confidence which makes him humble however he also has a lot of talent. Craig on stage has a great voice that is softly sung and again played a great selection of music. Craig also got the crowd involved in the performance by playing a tribute song to the Manchester attacks and got the crowds to wave their torches in the air. The room was full of torch light and was an emotional piece.

Watching Craig singing you could see the emotion in his eyes as he sings the words. Hopefully the photos below will reflect that. 



After the supporting acts had been on we came to the main focus of the show which was Annabel's performance. 

There was a roar of support from the crowd and the other supporting acts and everyone was excited to hear Annabel especially her newest song that she had written and released on youtube Thursday 1st June which was placed teasingly at the end of the night so everyone was eagerly waiting to hear the newest song live. On stage live Annabel certainly did not disappoint. A lot of artists when they sing live the quality of the voice is strained, or not as good without the help of modern technology. Annabel's voice was equally as good live as on her youtube video's that are recorded studio quality.

Once again as Annabel sang you could see the pure emotion in her eyes in the cover songs but more so in her own works. You can clearly see this in some of my images but more so in the video when I've zoomed into her eyes.

I believe the eyes show you a persons emotions, and soul. And when Annabel sang you could see there was meaning behind her words rather than just repeating words and attempting to put them to use.  Hopefully these images capture that.


As a performer Annabel certainly kept in with the crowds by having photos taken and socialising with people before, during and after her performance as shown in the group photo below.

To finish this off all I can say is that I wish Annabel and all the other supporting artists the best of luck for the future. They have the talent to become famous and for their works to be known globally. And to keep their smiles going and enjoying themselves on the path they choose 

Annabel's Links are  below

Youtube -

Twitter - @annabelofficial

Website -




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