20-02-2016 140 Years of Middlesbrough Football Club and the Red Faction

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I was approached by a big supporter of the Boro (UTB) and asked to cover an event he was organising to celebrate 140 years of the football club with the big boisterous Red Faction who are some of the noisiest craziest supporters of the Boro. ( Basically the people who make all the noise ). A lot of professional photographers would not dream to turn up to an event full of "Drunk Footy Nutters" I believe a fellow photographer called them. However without hesitation i accepted not overly knowing what i was walking into. Boy did I get a surprise.

Turned up to the event to be a scene of music, drink and a full room of people having a good time and raising money for a great cause. we had 3 groups playing and the photos and videos will follow shortly. Throughout the night I got plenty of fantastic photos, entertaining conversations with fans and listened to some of the best music bands I've heard perform in a long time. Especially the SKA beats. Great group i would highly recommend to anyone. 

The phrase never judge a book by its cover comes true when you get approached to do events that other people would think otherwise for. 

Half way through the night we had an individual who had volunteered to get his chest waxed where people paid money to charity to wax a strip off. OUCH!!

Shows the dedication these people have to a good cause ( and certainly a good pint ;) ) 

and then while the raffle was getting drawn we had all the members pay tribute to the one and only Ali Brownlee, Voice of the Boro, and the true Spirit of Teesside who was originally meant to turn up to the event but sadly passed away with cancer a short while ago. R.I.P mate you'll be having all the parmos up there with a cold beer and the best seat in the house for future boro games. Once again the unity of the group and respect they had was tremendous for Ali and they certainly showed the support.

After a little personal embarrassing moment people will no doubt be happy to remind me where i slipped on a broken glass and some alcoholic drink landing on my shoulder ( LOL ) plenty of laughs there haha to get a great photo we had everyone up for a group photo in which most people got involved. again this will be uploaded shortly. 

An event like this shows the proof that teesside is a community like no other and that you can't judge a book by its cover. There was no trouble. Plenty of people including a group from Germany. Lots of alcohol and humour throughout the night but more importantly a lot of money was raised for a great cause.

To people looking at doing photography, Don't be put off easily when people say an event will be rough, full of thugs, a waste of time or will do nothing for your career. Remember this. Those people that tell you that will not have done an event similar. At these events you can see the true spirit and nature of the area you photograph. Im proud to call myself a Teessider for the purpose of being apart of the community. They put good causes first and certainly know how to have a party and a good time. If you feel your up to the challenge then take it. but make sure you enjoy it yourself and be apart of the group.

And to any of the guys who were there reading this.

This season we will go up and show the country what the men of steel in boro can achieve. and that we are not easily beat. ( The song i get knocked down wouldn't go amiss there ). But we will get back up. We will have more good times ahead. Don't wait for the 150th anniversary. Get arranging the 141st :p

Any who the photos will be up in a gallery matching the name of this blog. feel free to get in touch for a copy of any photos you would like once up :)



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