Remember Rebecca Charity Award Night

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I'm a firm believer of what goes around comes around and that one good deed deserves another. And tonight that has been proven.

I have had the privilege of photographing another charity event at The Parkmore hotel near Yarm where families who face hard tasks of looking after children that need extra special care and attention. The charity has seriously hit my heart after hearing 7 families stories about what they are doing to give their children the best lives, experiences and chance at life they possibly can. And it has amazed me.

The 7 families have been nominated by 3rd parties and then tonight all the people and families voted on a single family / person to win an award. And the stories made a lot of people cry both out of pride for what each person has and is doing, and also sadness at what the people / person has to do to achieve their aim.

People are lucky to have HEALTHY children and a lot take that for granted. However to have a child or choose to adopt a child that has specific needs to enjoy life such as Autism, Down syndrome, Epilepsy, pserable Palsy and other conditions. can add additional struggles to every day life and tonights event has really made that hit home. The families I have had the pleasure to meet tonight take these children as they are and show them all the love, care, happiness, hope that every child deserves against all the odds, medical opinion and even general opinion. And the Remember Rebecca award gives these parents / families an award that says what these children often can't show or struggle to show easily of gratitude, recognition and thanks.

The Remember Rebecca charity has been formed by Gemma who had baby who sadly survived a matter of days due to medical complications then passed away. However in that matter of days Baby Rebecca became the start of an idea for Gemma to help people in similar situations. It opened up a community in Teesside to help give parents recognition as previously said. Rebecca's short life has been the start of something major and has achieved more through her mum than most people who live a long and busy lives. The charity raises money to assist these families helping fund equipment, training and respite / breaks away for the families. They are an amazing bunch of people.

Hearing the stories of how these parents fit in work, training, care, love and attention into their busy schedule yet still show the love and affection parents should show is proof of a human miracle. And again makes me proud to live in the area I do where there is so much compassion, care and consideration. You don't get that in other parts of the country.

There was 7 nominees yet as was said tonight Each person there was a winner and deserved it however there would only one main winner.

A phrase I like to use is "where there's life, there's hope". And these guys have certainly proved that. seeing their emotions flowing and watching them pool together to help each other is remarkable. After seeing this tonight I have added my own prize to each nominee to do each family a photo session of their family no matter how long it takes or what extra needs must be met. They say a photo says 1000 words. however people fade. yet photos endure. Time costs nothing. To spend a little bit of time giving these people something to hold onto is cheap. Yet what these families give and do for these children is amazing and costly in blood, sweat, tears and money.

I will be posting the photos up shortly so please take time looking through them.

I will be adding the photo link and a donation link to the charity at a later date,

Thank you for reading.


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you too and thankyou so much for all your hard word taking photos all evening :)
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