07-08-2015 Following on from my Charity post

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Following on from my charity post.

I assisted with the Fat Lads on Bikes and the Phat Lasses in Trainers as they held 3 Muffin top cake sales In Guisbrough and the James cook university hospital. As usual a lot of members gave their time and efforts to make this even take off. People put their time, money and effort into baking the cakes, organising, gaining permission and getting to the locations for this event to take place all in the name of Ward14 for charity.

The photos at the bottom of this page shows the "family" atmosphere amongst the members. But more than that. It shows how they have included the guests and customers into the family. Hopefully my photos can do it justice to show the feelings at these events.

The cakes looked beautiful and everybody dressed up and everyone had a fun time.

From these photos I hope you can see why Teesside is known for its community spirit and the care people give towards helping people who really need it.



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