06-08-2015 What Charity Means.

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When people hear the word charity. Most people expect it to be one of 3 things.

1. A scam.

2. People money grabbing.

3. People working on behalf of a charity for their own gain either financial or business.


However many charities I have worked with and continue to work with that is not the case.

People, Places, Jobs that rely on charity do so because they need help but that doesn't always mean taking money from people. People can help charities financially, Giving their time to assist with an event, Donating prizes, or even using their own skills and business to support them.

I am proud to support The Fat Lads On Bikes. They are a selfless group of the nicest people from Teesside who raise the much needed  funds to assist Ward14 at the James Cook Hospital who help treat people with cancer by raising money for the Ward and who work tirelessly to give the best care possible. The staff on Ward14 are always happy and go the extra mile to give what they can. And with the NHS budget cuts they rely more on Charity.

To assist a charity such as the Fat Lads on bikes is more than just "doing your part". Its being part of a family. Of people who are similar minded and want to assist, give what they can to help those who don't / can't have what every human deserves. A lot of the people part of charity groups such as the Fat Lads use a lot of their own finances and resources to assist, raise money and purchase equipment and supplies for those needed. And if you could see the work behind the scenes these guys do you would be amazed and feel that there is hope yet for humanity.

However this can all come at a cost when there are scammers out there, or false charities over nothing. These people ruin it for others.

When you pass a charity doing cake stalls, raffling football shirts, items and prizes. more often than not the items are donated or purchased by members of the charity / community without the kind people wanting anything back. By taking part you are becoming a larger part of that family helping someone.

A person who needs treatment for cancer that costs £2000 a month will struggle and feel like saying "what's the point". Ward14 gives them that care for free. But its more than just someone getting free treatment. They feel loved and cared for by more than just the nurses and staff, more than the people raising the money. They feel part of the community and loved by each person who has contributed and it can make all the world of difference both mentally and physically. Even if it's coppers, or the £1 left over from filling your car, buying food or the latest technology. it can all help. That's what creates a community and Teesside has one of the best Communities in the country. It doesn't have membership costs or anything recurring.


Here is an example about a charity that truly cares that I witnessed and caught with my own eyes.

The Fat Lads on Bikes and the Phat Lasses in Trainers did a charity bike ride from Whitby Whale Jaw Bone. All the way to the Riverside Stadium. Every person provided their own equipment, food, drink and personality. A group of bikers even offered to assist as support to stop cars endangering the cyclists. between 15 and 30 people took part of all ages. They each got their own sponsors and raised a lot of money.

The weather on the day wasn't the best. Yet not one person quit. I watched a young lad fall of his bike on a sharp turn and graze himself quite badly. After a quick 5 minutes to recover he picked himself up and got straight back on his bike and carried on going. He was hurt, wet and tired but didn't let it stop him. And I'm sure the people who sponsored him would be proud to hear that.

The route taken went up and down several big steep hills including Boulby Potash and Saltburn bank. But again. No one quit. None of the money was taken out for costs. Every penny went towards the charity. The people who took part all share the pride in what they have achieved and rightly so and it has created a bond between each member. With the jokes, photos and videos of the entire journey. Which is shared by the people who sponsored them to the people the money goes to help.

Charity to me means family and caring for them. And the Fat Lads and Phat Lasses are the best family to be apart of in Teesside. feel free to check my page on this website when published to see their work and if possible to donate to them.

Every penny is earned for the charity by the work this family do. And its the same with many charities and I am proud to assist them. And will continue to as much as I can.

I hope this blog post can help these guys and other charities. Don't look at them as money grabbers.

Look at it as paying and becoming part of a family and community that cares for each other. As at some point in our lives we all need a little love and care. And there is always a charity or person out there willing to give it.




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