03-08-2015 Saltburn Sunset and a quiet time.

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A lot of people think photography is just pushing a button letting the camera do all the work. But there is a lot more to it than that. Yes you can often catch nice scenes and spur of the moment photos randomly when out and about. But usually the best of the images are created through 3 things.

1. Preparation. Getting all your equipment ready, cleaned and open.

2. Research. Know your location, parking, route so that you can get to your position in time. Check Tides, weather, public access.

3. Timing. If you want to catch the sunset or sunrise, its good to get their early to set up as there will always be unforeseen circumstances that slow you down. Road works, Weather, Slow drivers.


On Monday evening I planned and prepared to go to Saltburn again and catch the sunset this time. A lot of photographers try to put their emotions into photography similar to musicians, artists and poets.

The night in question was a night where I'm in a very contemplative mood thinking deeply about different things and situations in life. And ive reflected that with the beauty of the sunset and the long exposures of the water and how it all blends into one to give a nice photos.

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03-08-2015 Saltburn Sunset. you will see my images


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