21-06-2015 - 05-07-2015 Sicily

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I had the good fortune to visit the island of Sicily. With plenty of scenery.

Travelling abroad creates a lot of anxiety for photographers when they have to decide what equipment to take as there is the weight limit on planes and different allowances for hand luggage. Fortunately I was able to take all the equipment I needed.

For a long time have wanted to capture photos from the air high up. But obviously this can bring all kinds of issues and to get great images through a plane window is hard due the thickness of the plastic, cleanliness of the plastic, speed, weather, lighting. However I was pleased with the following images below as they capture the world above the clouds.


Flying above the world


We were flying at 37,000ft. basically 6 Miles high yet the picture below shows the peaks of the Alps as we flew over. You don't realise how big they must be until your looking down on them even at that height above the clouds. But it was a beautiful sight.



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