20-06-2015 The Fat Lads On Bikes

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The Fat Lads on Bikes!!!

 Today I have had the privilege to photograph a local fundraising charity called the fat lads on bikes who raise money for some of Teesside's most important charities. They raise money for WARD 14 and Millie's Room. Both these charities are well known in my local area and the sponsorship and hard work of these people keep these vital charities running. Today the Fat Lads on bikes cycled From Whitby whale bones all the way to the Riverside stadium. That meant going up and down several majorly steep hills and risking some very bad traffic. But these brave people did it.

I had the privilege to collect the proof and will post at a later date. if you would like to know more about the Fat lads on bikes then take a look here. http://www.fatladsonbikes.com/

If you would like to support them in anyway you would be most welcome. A lot of people put their time, effort, money and pride on the line today and I am proud of what they all achieved.

I will post a photo or two online as soon as they are publicly revealed.



I am also today heading to Sicily. Or more locally Taromina. If I can gain internet access I will post up as many photos as possible of the local area and culture to share. Keep following this space.  


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