11-06-2015 Blog Day One

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I have decided to create this blog to accompany my website and my work. It is a way of recording how my understanding and knowledge grows over time. As you can probably see from my personal work. I love doing a lot of Landscape photography. Especially sunsets. And that sometimes nature likes to show off its beauty with its colours of light when it sees fit to do so.

Tonight I visited Saltburn. I intended to do some sunset shots of the Pier which I have done. However as usual I got side tracked. Like nature. People can be beautiful in their behaviour and their responses and was surprised to get some extra images. I bumped into a group of Morris Dancers near the Pier and getting into a discussion with them I offered to take their photo and email them it. However in doing so the idea occurred to get a silhouette image of the gentlemen with their top hats. To reflect the Victorian time period for which Saltburn is famous for especially with its lift.


Whilst walking along the beach capturing some images I am pleased with I spotted a group of Teenagers playing and having a laugh near the pier. I saw their silhouettes and wanted to capture the fun they were having, the beauty of the location and also the beauty of people. I approached them to ask if they minded me taking some silhouettes and they didn't mind at all. and they even posed and did some fun images for me. This was a big surprise I expected to be told where to go. So in turn I have caught the Beauty of nature and people in one go. Hopefully you will see the same thing.

Every time I go out with my camera I always seem to be able to bump into people who are willing enough to take part in a photo when out and about so I am fortunate and thank the people involved :)

If you would like to see the images they will be in the album: 11-06-2015 Saltburn Sunset Silhouettes when edited and uploaded :)


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